Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Staring at Walls

More Wall.
Still Wall.
Me neither.

One of the more useful skills to learn here in Bangladesh is "how to stare at a blank wall". Literally and figuratively, I spend many hours here doing nothing. In Canada I hated the idea of sitting and doing nothing. I wanted productivity, and I always found things to do. Although the same is often true here, I have also learned the art of sitting and waiting. White walls have taken on new significance, and the thoughts spinning endlessly in my head also receive more airtime. The new me is content to sit and do nothing for hours if need be. A three hour wait in the embassy, an equally long wait for the bus or walking aimlessly for hours, nothing pressing to do. This is learning "how to stare at a blank wall".



Anonymous said...

Hey Steven, I know exactly what you mean by having alot of time to stare at walls!!!! By the way, how are you doing? Was the area you're living in hit by the cyclone? Wanted to make sure all is ok with you....
Take care.
John Harback.

Kristen said...

Are you okay after the cyclone? I pray that you are safe.

God Bless