Sunday, March 9, 2008

Visiting the Hills: Views of Baromari

These photos were taken at Baromari Mission near the Indian border north of Mymensingh in Bangladesh.

This photo is of the reconstruction of a mud house in a village beside Baromari Mission.

This is St. Paul's Parish Church in Baromari Mission, built in 1942.

Baromari Mission has very comfortable accommodations and the sisters' hospitality is to be admired.

Cooking a meal at Baromari Mission (bhat ebong dim). Meals are very tasty and surprisingly varied.

Baromari is a beautiful Catholic Mission situated on the hills mere kilometers from the Indian border. The beauty of the surrounding area makes this Mission something of a retreat within Bangladesh.


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Pilar said...

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If you read my message, please answer me and explain me more things about what are you doing there and about anything you want.
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