Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Once Again Wading Through Water

Well, ironically my Aunt Bonnie asked me early this morning whether I was still wading through water, and I smartly responded that the water had gone down by 3 meters and the flooding was over... well I was wrong! Last night and today it rained, it rained hard, incessantly, for almost 24 hours. The papers are stating that there was a tropical depression in the bay of Bengal and that depression first caused the intense 40 degree heat I experienced in Sylhet over the weekend, and then this amazing rain. And as I got wet everywhere I went today, the water in the sewers began to rise. It rose so much, that by the point we left the office at 4pm to go to the train station the water on the roads was between 3 and 9 inches deep. And so, we took pictures and rode in rickshas, literally wading in water in the middle of Mymensingh. Oh, the irony.
In peace.

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