Saturday, October 13, 2007

Retreat to Srimongol

Between October 10 and 12 all of the expat MCC staff in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka (Jodi) were in northeastern Bangladesh having our retreat at the tea gardens in Srimongol. It was a relaxing time to enjoy the pool, the cool air of the tea gardens and some wonderful food. We spent two days without any rice and curry! Unfortunately our new Country Representatives Larry and Gayle could not come along because Gayle was very ill with Dengue Fever, a disease which has not been kind to their family over these first two months. But their two daughters Faye and Annika came with us, and what a spark they added to our couple days. Those girls are fish, they would spend hours each day in the pool. And we enjoyed spending time as a group and discussing the topic of "compassion" in our sessions. We could side trips to the National Forest to see monkeys and a very rural village, we went to a tea factory to see how tea is processed and we went walking through the tea gardens. It was a really nice break to spend time with friends and relax away from all the people of this country. Now I'm off to an entirely opposite experience, visiting a friend in his village for his sisters 25th birthday.
Oh my life in Bangladesh!


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