Sunday, December 16, 2007

First Aid and Prevention

So I had my first real First Aid adventure of this year. At the parade ground practice a child from one of the Taize schools fainted from heat related symptoms. I quickly sprang into action getting shade and breeze and items to rehydrate when she woke up. I will not go into details, for it is not important. But it suffices to say, that at that moment I was glad for my First Aid training and to be able to help ensure noone did anything rash.

Now for prevention, I thought, probably other children should be given water, all marching on the spot for an hour in the hot sun. But this suggestion went unheeded and less than 5 minutes later, another victim from another one of our schools was brought to the shade unconscious. Finally, water was brought out for those who were thirsty on the field, and after another round of First Aid, I was glad to find that people had listened and were going for prevention rather than First Aid. Hopefully, in other areas of society, in the near future, Bangladeshis will look for ways to prevent accidents rather than responding to them.



Philip said...

I'm going to be seeing these places in... 7 hours or so. ridiculous absolutely ridiculous

Willowdale Mennonites said...

OH MY....two of the tallest bean poles in the world wading through the water together.

Pictures people....we want pictures.