Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Year, New Challenges

A New Year has come and I am in Bangladesh, still. The first year, or actually half year, of our work as the Taize Peace Team is finished, and despite the many challenges of Holidays and Exams, we managed to visit all of the schools at least 3 times and start a program at the Bihari Camp. For a group of busy students and teachers, we have started slowly but started well. I am excited for this new year, as new programs are added to our schedule and more people will be affected by our message of Peace. What is peace? We are slowly learning to answer this question ourselves, and we are challenging others to seek the answer themselves. Keep us in your thoughts as you go forward this New Year. That we can show the benefits of Peace and Justice to the people we meet here in Bangladesh.

En Paix.

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