Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Peace is about Changing Us

Peace does not happen alone...Peace happens in Community. I cannot force peace upon you, just as you cannot force peace upon me. If I were to attempt to force someone to behave peacefully, and they disagree, then what? My only resort is to violence.

Lasting peace is only possible by changing US; by changing our relationship. By demonstrating the benefits of peace and the security true peace brings, and by building a positive relationship we will increase respect and understanding between us. If WE change instead of changing each other, the antagonism disappears. Conflict between us is the catalyst for change, and when we approach that conflict intentionally and constructively, the change that happens in US will strengthen the peace. If I change and try to force that change upon you, that harmonious peace disappears.

So what is peace? Peace is not the reduction of conflict, or the reduction of anger, it is the happiness and rightness of strengthening OUR relationship. This strengthening of relationships can happen individually, spiritually, comunally, culturally or politically. And those relationships are the foundation on which peace is built. The changing of those relationships is the dynamic of peace in this world.



Jessica Reesor said...

Interesting thoughts Steve!

Anonymous said...

thought provoking comments, inner peace spreads to others if they are serching