Friday, September 7, 2007

East Meets West

Eats meets West, a musical, cultural experience, was a joint concert between British Saxophonist Andrew and Bangladeshi Guitarist and Vocalist Arnob. This fundraiser was held in Gulshan, the most upscale area of Bangladesh, in a posh restaurant decorated with lights on trees, red chair covers and lots of rich individuals. This concert, in support of a hostel for abused women and children led by the Bangladeshi Women Lawyers Association, was a wonderful experience and very different from the poverty of surrounding Dhaka. Arnob, is the son of a Prokritee staff and so we attended this concert to watch him. The music, I would describe as a blend of folk, pop, and modern Western influence, mixed with Bengali vocals. It consisted of many traditional Bengali folk tunes and Arnob songs with a saxophone twist. This experience was one of rich, privileged individuals coming together for a good cause, but a far cry from the simple living of the Taize in Mymensingh. The different faces of this country will be ever appearing.

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