Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Noonday Sun

My return to Dhaka for the weekend has been quite the shift from nearly two weeks in Mymensingh. The highspeed internet, expensive coffee shops, expensive CNG's (taxis) and the showers. The heat here is more intense than Mymensingh although most places have air conditioning which makes it bearable. I come here and realize how glad I am to be living in the simplicity of Mymensingh, the ebb and flow of life by the river, ricksha's downtown to buy sandals, fruit and clothing (I had two pairs of pants and two short sleeved shirts tailored). Mymensingh has the peace of Taize prayers and the quiet nights in my room. I am glad for friends here in Bangladesh, for Supar, Hilton, Max, Ashish and Simol. I am glad to be in Mymensingh where English is uncommon and Bengali will be easier to learn. But for this weekend I am spending in Dhaka I am thankful for the people I met. The new country representative's from MCC to Bangladesh Gayle and Larry Alderfer-Fisher and their daughters Fay and Annika are wonderful people and I will be happy to work with them. Ethel and Jerry have been so kind to us and I am excited to plan a Global Families learning tour from North America to Bangladesh in June 2008. There are many challenges ahead this year I know, but I see so many opportunities, only two weeks into this experience to get involved and work with people at something new and exciting. Even working in the Peace program with MCC will be a huge blessing, to be involved in this new and emerging field in the life of MCC Bangladesh. I am excited for this partnership to grow and to learn and be changed for the better.
In Peace.

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