Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Traditional Curry

Written: September 12, 2007
Warning: Entry makes reference to harming of animals.

Tonight I learned how to make a traditional Bangladeshi chicken curry. I will not detail the spices as that is for my return whe I shall happily oblige to prepare occasional Bangladeshi meals. In Bangladesh, chicken curry requires purchasing a chicken, an expensive feat for very scarce meat. Then, sparing details, the chicken was killed and we returned to the house to prepare the chicken. We plucked and cleaned the bird in Supar's house and then two curries were prepared. First, a chicken and potato curry and second, a traditional curry. The chicken curry contained the chicken meat and potatoes, while the traditional curry contained salt, water, ginger and the remaining parts of the chicken. Both curries were a wonderful treat, and seeing the preparation of the meal was a new experience for me; so my best regards go out to Supar for tonights traditional curry.

In Peace.

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Jessica Reesor said...

I can't wait to share recipes with you when we get home! I'm praying for all the people of Bangladesh too and I am definitely aware of my white privelege card too. Very often I'll be given twice as much food as everyone else, whether I want it or not.