Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Running Through Mud

Chuti! Tumi futbol kelo? Tik, ami futbol kelte porchundo kori. (Holiday! Do you want to play soccer? Yes, I love playing soccer) Today was an early morning of intense football (soccer) action. The Taize boys invited me to play with them after morning prayers and breakfast. And down to the field we went, barefoot, sludging through the shin deep mud to the pitch (field). Teams were created and the barefoot game of football began. Slipping, sliding, the ball coming to rest squarely in a puddle of mud as the players all went skidding by, the joy of the international game. It seems that anywhere I go, football is the common game played by young people, and what a game it was. With a final tied score and a phenomenal free kick goal, this mornings football extravaganza could not have ended any better. The joy of learning, making new friends, and running through mud.


Philip said...

I love that feeling of not speaking the language perfectly, and yet speaking the language of football fluently with so many cultures. It is the greatest feeling ever

lee said...

Definitely! I definitely agree with what Philip said, it's such a perfect feeling! How I miss playing football... It's my last day at work on friday, and I'll definitely play then.

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