Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Community of Service

It is such a unique opportunity to be in such a large group of people committed to service and growth in the name of peace and faith. Discussions abound in this orientation and the real learning comes not from the sessions but from discussions between SALTers and IVEPers and within our groups. Discussions of faith, of fears, of challenges, of joys; this is an opportunity to join together with other young people who love to give, who love to serve. It was a wonderful discussion I had with my table this evening at dinner surrounding expectations of our years, and what it is we hope to accomplish and how our lives need to be testaments of our faith. It is wonderful to develop relationships even prior to getting to our assignment, and to know that there are others who are going to face the same joys and challenges as I will in this coming year.
In Peace.

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