Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mymensingh Thake (Living in Mymensingh)

Written: August 22, 2007

We arrived in Mymensingh and met our English teacher Ms. Naht. We had tea with her before I went to eat lunch with the pastor's family. The food in Bangladesh is spicy but not unbearable, unlike the humidity. Paper is damp in my room from the humidity. And in speaking of my room I will describe it for you. It is a squre room, fairly large, about 15 feet across. I have not yet furnished it so there is a metal bed with wooden slats for the mattress. On top is a small 1" thick padded mat and a sheet. There is a mosquito net above the bed. A small table has been moved inth the corner and my bathroom is just off my outer walkway. My bathroom is about 3 feet by 6 feet, with no sink or shower, only a bucket for showering and washing hands and a porcelain squatting toilet. I do have power in the room, 2 lights, a fan, and one outlet, which I haven't had working yet. ON the floor is a grass mat and a small carpet. I have 3 windows which I keep closed for privacy because otherwise I can see into other peopl's houses. Living here is very simple, which is a lesson I am excited to learn. Matt and I have Bangla lessons 6 days a week for 2 hours each day with Ms. Naht and a 1 hour tutoring session with Hilton starting in September. Soon I will have a less factual, more reflective post.

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